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Getting started with Grapejuice

Welcome to Grapejuice! Soon you’ll be able to play Roblox on Linux, but first you need to know some things.

System Requirements

Wine and Roblox require that your system meets these requiements. If you system does not meet these requirements, Roblox will either not run or you will have a very poor experience.

  • x86_64 CPU with AVX2 support
  • x86_64 GNU/Linux system with glibc
  • GPU that supports OpenGL 4.0 or Vulkan 1.1

Notice: Grapejuice is currently not supported on ARM devices, such as a Raspberry Pi or Pinebook.

Installing Grapejuice

To get going, just find your distribution in the sidebar and follow the instructions!

There are some things you need to be aware of while installing Grapejuice. Grapejuice comes in some packaging flavours. The one you pick depends on which distribution you are on and how much maintenance you want to invest into updating Grapejuice.

The following packaging formats are supported:

  • Installation from source
  • Native OS package
  • Flatpak

For most users its recommended to either install the Flatpak image or the native OS package. Each installation guide will tell you which method you should use for installing Grapejuice.